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Being the hob of choice for both culinary professionals and regular diners alike, we have seen the popularity of induction hobs soar over the years. Their sleek, contemporary and efficient design has evolved immensely, so much so that an induction hob now sits comfortably besides the gas hob. At Ship it Appliances, we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality kitchen utensils available. Here, we will take a quick tour of induction hobs, noting where they differ from their gas counterparts and hinting at what lies ahead for the future.


A Guide to Induction Hobs by Ship it Appliances


So what distinguishes the induction hob from others? Or more importantly, what are the main differences between the traditional gas hob and the induction hobs? We will examine all the things that you need to know when making the transition from gas to induction- making sure that you cooking experience stays effortless and exciting.


How they work


induction hobs have a hard wearing glass surface that the pans rest on. This sleek design often comes in a black finish, with the plates glowing red when they are heated. The magic lies beneath the glass surface where a powerful induction element is situated. This induction zone (the equivalent to the gas stoves burner) has a high frequency electromagnet. When a pan that is made of magnetic material is then placed within the vicinity of the induction zone, energy is produced. Consequently, the transfer of energy causes the pan to heat up. As with other familiar stoves and hobs available, the level of the fields strength can be adjusted to suit your cooking process. Once the pan is removed from the surface, the heat induction stops. Most induction hobs are installed with a power-boost facility that will allow a pan to boil for approximately 90 seconds.


When the cooking is done…


induction hobs take advantage of a level cooking area, meaning that cleaning after use is easier than ever before. Thanks to this incorporation, there is no longer the need to manoeuvre around troublesome corners or crevices in order to get your appliance clean. With a level, hard wearing glass surface, the job can be done with a single wipe.

Overall, induction hobs excel in their user friendly functionality. More than anything, they are designed with the busy modern day user in mind. Combined with the heightened safety measures that come with the package, they are sure to set the standard for years to come and shape the way that we approach the kitchen.


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