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Gas hobs are some of the most popular cooktops in British kitchens. If you’re undecided on which type of cooker you should purchase next, here are some of the major benefits of gas hobs.


Easy To Clean
Most gas hobs come with cast iron pan supports that can be removed. When they become a bit too greasy, you can easily pull them off the hob and wipe them down. At the same time, you can take a cloth to the surface of the hob.

Gas on glass hobs from SIA and many other brands are even easier to maintain, as there are no pan supports to remove. They feature a smooth surface, so you can quickly wipe away any grease or spills after every use.

The typical look of a gas hob with cast iron pan supports and a stainless steel surface is no longer the norm. Nowadays, gas hobs are available in a wide range of styles and colours so you can pick out a model to perfectly suit your kitchen décor. You can find white, black and stainless steel gas hobs – in addition to being available in various modern and classic styles.

Great Cooking Results
Gas hobs ensure great results when you cook any meal. This is because they offer accurate temperature control and even heating. As you adjust the temperature, the size of the flame is a precise indication of how hot your pan is getting – and, the entire surface will heat up at the same rate. This allows you to cook steaks to perfection and ensure that you do not overcook or undercook you meals.

Energy Efficient
The instantaneous nature of gas hobs helps you cut back on heat emissions and energy usage. Unlike electric hobs, there is no need to wait for the hob to heat up before you begin cooking. When it comes time to turn off the hob, the appliances turns off as soon as you turn the dial. It does not take time to cool down, emitting far less heat than other types of hobs.

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