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Choosing the right 90cm cooker hoods for your kitchen.


Cooker hoods are an integral part of the infrastructure of your stove, although they often go ignored. Forgetting to install a kitchen hood altogether could result in unnecessary work and, more often than not, makes for an uncomfortable and humid atmosphere when cooking. This means that choosing the correct 90cm cooker hood for your kitchen is of paramount importance. At Ship it Appliances, we are dedicated to providing all the kitchen support that you need, so that cooking can as fun as it is supposed to be. We will explore some of the steps needed when installing a cooker hood and take a look at some of the problems they obliterate.


Installing a 90cm cooker hood.


Without a kitchen hood, the excess steam could settle on your walls, causing unwanted dirt or residue. This problem can become exacerbated if you are cooking with oil or food colourings. Kitchen hoods extract unwanted air from your cooking, leaving the cooking area clear.

When choosing 90cm cooker hoods, it is important to take into account the overall size of your oven and/or stove. The main rule when it comes to installing a cooker hood is to make sure that it is the same size as your oven. For example, if your oven measures 90cm across, so should your kitchen hood. If your oven and hood do not synchronise, then the extraction process wont function adequately. Furthermore, most kitchen hoods have to be at least 65cm above the oven or hob. Contacting a specialist will certainly help you with the installation process, as they will have the expertise necessary when it comes to fitting the device.

There are a number of 90cm cooker hood designs to select from; these can often add to the overall ambience of your kitchen/dining room areas, making them both functional and stylish at the same time. Some of the most popular designs include:

Island Cooker hoods – these are designed to be suspended from the ceiling and are usually meant for inclusion in larger kitchen spaces. Chimney cooker hoods this type of hood is by far the most popular and seems to be the most versatile too. Canopy/visor cooker hoods – these are built into your kitchen cupboards, seamlessly blending to the overall design of your room. The visor allows the hood to be opened and closed with ease.

It is also worth considering the space that you have available in your kitchen; again, professional advice is recommended. Making sure that the stove and the additional appliances provide a safe cooking environment is of the highest importance.


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