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Whether you’re a wiz in the kitchen or you only cook on special occasions, choosing the right hob for your home is crucial decision. The hob that’s right for your neighbour’s kitchen may not be ideal for yours. So, Ship It Appliances has put together a guide to help you choose:

Ceramic Hobs
ceramic hob
Ceramic hobs have become the standard, as they tend to be quite affordable hobs and they are convenient to use. They are the easiest hobs to keep clean, since they consist of a flat surface. Just one quick swipe with a cloth and your ceramic hob is clean.

Cons: If you are an avid cook, then you will quickly notice the downside of a ceramic hob: they do not heat as evenly as gas hobs, and they are not as responsive.  

Who Should Buy: For stylish homeowners, ceramic hobs are a great choice. They provide a sleek look for modern kitchens, but they may not meet the needs of serious foodies.

Gas Hobs

gas hobs
Gas hobs heat up instantly and they are very responsive. As such, they are known to be more energy efficient than other types of hobs – in addition to being the top choice for avid cooks.

Cons: The installation of a gas hob is complex, and it must be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer. If you want a hob that only needs to be placed and plugged in, this may not be the right option for you.

Who Should Buy: Foodies should always consider purchasing a gas hob over all other options. They are the most responsive and heat food evenly, so you can ensure that your meals are cooked to perfection.

Electric Hobs
electric hobs
Electric hobs are the most affordable hobs of the group.

Cons: They are usually only available with four burners, so if you’re looking for a larger hob, you may want to consider another option. They also heat up and cool down much more slowly than the other types of hobs.  

Who Should Buy: Electric hobs are best for homeowners who are on a budget. You can get great value for your money when you purchase an affordable electric hob.

Induction Hobs
induction hobs
Induction hobs do not actually heat up on their own. They heat the pot or pan with which you are cooking. As such, they are a safer option and they heat up as quickly as gas hobs.

Cons: Induction hobs can be quite expensive, especially since you need to invest in special pots and pans.

Who Should Buy: Serious cooks will want to look into purchasing an induction hob, since they provide even heat and are very responsive. These hobs are also ideal for households with children, since they are the safest option of the group.

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