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A cooker hood is an essential tool in any kitchen, helping to keep the air in your household fresh by extracting grease and odours out of the air while you cook. At the standard level, most cooker hoods only serve this one function – but there are plenty of special features available that you may want to consider.

Clean Air Function
Most cooker hoods are designed to operate only when you’re cooking, but there are some models that will run at intervals throughout the day. This serves the purpose of keeping the air in your household clear of everyday odours. It is especially useful in households with smokers or pets.

On CDA cooker hoods like the EVM9, this function is called “Clean Air”. On Gessi cooker hoods, it is called “24H Comfort”.

Intensive/Boost Setting
Some meals are particularly pungent, and you will need a bit more power to fully extract their smell. For these types of dishes, cooker hoods with an intensive or boost setting are especially useful. This setting increases the extraction rate to up to 500 m3/h for very effective cleaning. So, if you frequently cook curries or other spicy dishes, you should consider purchasing a cooker hood with an intensive setting.

Ducted Cooker Hoods
When you fit a cooker hood ducted installation, it extracts impurities outside rather than cleaning the air and filtering it back into the kitchen. This ensures the removal or smoke and moisture – which is not available when a cooker hood has been fitted with recirculating installation.

Low Noise Levels
If you entertain on a regular basis or you enjoy cooking meals with another person, you don’t want a loud cooker hood interrupting your conversations. There are many cooker hoods on the market that have low noise levels that will ensure that you can comfortable have a conversation while cooking or not have to worry about disturbing the person in the next room. Look out for cooker hoods with noise levels of 53dB or less.


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