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In recent years, many elements of kitchen design have become more and more fashionable, and as such, design choices are no longer made solely on functionality. Appliances once considered to be obtuse necessities are now becoming centre pieces for personally designed dream kitchens.

An interesting appliance to examine when considering this trend is the cooker hood. Due to the history of cooker hoods, a necessary and somewhat industrious appliance, there is a long of range in terms of the stylistic themes that can be built around them.

Surprisingly, cooker hoods can be an interesting way of theming your kitchen. From the chunky and industrious look of the classic cooker hood, to the streamlined metallic contemporary style, theres a good deal of variety to consider.With the advances in the technology used in cooker hoods, there are far fewer restrictions during the design process.

A prime example is the usage of black glass. Black glass has steadily secured itself as a dominant design element of many modern kitchen appliances over the last few decades. Cooker hoods are no exception to this trend and more and more cooker hoods have begun experimenting with the black glass stylistic. The use of black glass primarily lends itself to a more classical design, but if combined with stainless steel it can accomplish an interesting contemporary look.

As well as material choices, colour can play a big part in design. While of course black is considered the go to colour for modern design, white can be equally stylish if used correctly. When used in tandem, black and white can be a very striking colour scheme and one that is very easy to implement into an appliance as a centre piece. With a simple combination of white walls and ceilings, black tiled floors and cabinet doors and subtle silver finishes, you can create a contemporary kitchen with a timeless simplicity. This simplicity can be reflected by a curved glass cooker hood with a stainless steel finish.

It’s important to remember that a cooker hood can’t be concealed, this means that you have to either choose a cooker hood that fits your decor, or design your kitchen around your cooker hood. Both of these tasks may initially seem daunting, however, with the increased correlation of style and functionality, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple it can be.

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