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When it comes to cooking technology, induction hobs are the latest innovation. They are becoming very popular among UK homeowners, as they offer a convenient, safe and quick method for preparing meals. But – should you jump at the chance to replace your gas hob? We’ll help you decide.


There are a number of benefits of having an induction hob in your home:

  • Responsive temperature control
  • Since the hob doesn’t heat up, spillages do not stick to the surface
  • Energy efficient
  • There is no open flame and the surface doesn’t heat up, so it is considered a safer option

There are some downsides, as well:

  • You can only use specific types of pans
  • They are still relatively new, so they can be a bit pricey
  • The induction process can be somewhat noisy

Here are the major benefits of gas hobs:

  • Even heat distribution
  • More responsive temperature control, as the gas flame instantly increases and decreases
  • You can use all types of cookware
  • Available in a wide range of finishes and styles, such as the sleek gas on glass hob

There are also some disadvantages:

  • May need professional installation
  • Considered less safe due to the open flames and the possibility of gas leaks

As you can see, gas hobs and induction hobs are evenly matched. So, it’s up to you to decide. Many homeowners who have small children tend to prefer induction hobs because they are the safest option. On the other hand, foodies are more partial to gas hobs because they are known to offer better cooking results due to their even heating and reliable temperature control.


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