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When it comes to doing your part for the environment, you can start in your own home. You can make the most difference in your kitchen, as there are plenty of ways to ‘go green’.

Ditch the plastic bags and paper napkins.
Do you have a kitchen drawer full of plastic bags? Most households do. Avoid building up this common collection by investing in some reusable cloth or canvas bags. They cost less than £1 at your local grocery store, and they last for quite some time.

Similarly, ensure that you only have reusable linens in the kitchen. When you finish wiping your face with a paper napkin or wiping up a mess with kitchen roll, they go in the trash. So, invest in cloth napkins and use rags or towels for any messes. This will also save you money over time.

Reduce your waste.
Over 10% of the food that we purchase is thrown out. To combat this, watch your portions very carefully and ensure that you only buy as much food as you know you will eat during the week. Be sure to thorough check your stock before heading to the grocery store, to ensure that you will only buy what you need.

Alternatively, have a look at waste disposal units. These appliances grind up food in your sink, and they can help you reduce your household waste by up to 20%.

Another way to reduce waste is to purchase items with less packaging. You may have to forego purchasing your preferred brand, but buying products with minimal packaging goes a long way to reducing your waste.

Pay Attention to Energy Ratings
The next time you purchase kitchen appliances, be on the lookout for A-rated models. These are models that are proven to use less energy and water – which will also help you save money on your household bills over time. For example, a refrigerator with the highest energy rating will cost just over £10 a month to run while one with a low energy rating ran cost upwards of £35. Over ten years, you would save over £250 – and, plenty of energy!


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