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When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, your hob should be a major priority. Flat surfaces like ceramic hobs and induction hobs only require a quick wipe-down but gas hobs require a bit more attention.


Before you begin scrubbing…
Remove the pan supports and the rings. Then, be sure to remove all loose dirt and food from the hob. Wear gloves while you do so to keep your hands safe.

What cleaning solution should I use?
Often times, homeowners are advised to use soap and water to clean most surfaces – but hobs require a different type of care. Regular dish soap is not recommended, so be sure to use a cleaning solution that is specially-designed for hobs. These solutions are designed to cut through grease, so there should be no need to use an abrasive cleaning material like steel wool.

Using a spray bottle will also help your target stains easily.  For hard-to-reach places, use an old toothbrush.

Pan supports and rings
While you’re spraying and scrubbing the surface of the hob, you can leave the pan supports and rings to soak in the sink. You can use a warm water and dish soap solution. There is no need to leave them to soak for longer than five minutes. Then, wipe them clean with a cloth and let them dry before placing them back on the hob.


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