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Online shopping offers up unprecedented convenience for consumers, providing them with endless product options. However, we understand that making big purchases (such as appliances, furniture and electronics) on the web can be quite daunting, so we’ve put together a help guide to make buying appliances online easier and comfortable.

What To Look For in the Product Description
When shopping for appliances online, you will not have a helpful sales associate to guide you. As such, you should make a note of the features that are the most important to your household. For example:


  • Water usage
  •   Noise levels
  •   Energy rating   

While water usage and energy ratings will have an impact on your utilities bills, noise level is more of a luxury. Cooker hoods, waste disposals and dishwashers are all kitchen appliances that can make a lot of noise. So if you want some peace and quiet while doing the chores, considering the noise level is important.

Take Measurements, and Take Them Again
When shopping for kitchen appliances online, you want to ensure that the item will fit perfectly. So, you should precisely measure the space that it will be occupying. If you are replacing an appliance, take its measurements as well. Ensure that the product you’re shopping for will fit this dimensions exactly. 

It is also important to account for the space between your appliance and the kitchen surfaces. The product description will usually let you know how much space to leave. For example, the CDA ECH91SS chimney cooker hood recommends being installed 70cm above a gas hob and 60cm above an electric hob. With freestanding appliances, you should leave a 1cm space to allow for cleaning. For integrated appliances, there is less wiggle-room so your measurements must be more precise.

Check Reviews of Products
One of the major benefits of shopping online is that you can find reviews of virtually any product. So, be sure to browse review sites and retailers to find out what other customers thought of their purchases. If there is a recurring issue that many buyers have experienced, you can infer that there is a particular problem with the product. However, if one or two reviews mention a specific flaw, it is usually an issue of personal preference.

Check Reviews of Sellers
When buying an appliance online, the last thing you want is poor customer service. Research the site you plan on buying from before you make your purchase. Find out about their shipping rates and speed, as well as well finding out whether or not the products arrive in quality condition. Ship It Appliances is listed on Reviews.co.uk, and you can browse our Facebook page for further customer reviews.


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