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 With the short and unpredictable period of British summer, its difficult to find ways of getting in shape for the rare days that the summer weather will permit.

Many people find it difficult to continuously eat healthily, but within recent years a potential cure for this issue has arisen, the dawn of the Steam oven. We live in a day and age where obesity is a huge issue and theres a much heavier focus on healthy eating than ever before.

Steam Ovens have been heralded by health experts as the healthier way to cook. By using boiling water to create a cloud of steam, steam ovens negate the use of oil and there for reduce the fat content of your meals dramatically. Due to the steaming nature, there is a lot less flavour lost during the cooking process, this in tern means that foots require a lot less seasoning, salt and other additions. This lack of salt adds to the reduced fat content and provides an all round healthier standard of meals.

In addition to the healthier nature of steamed food, steam ovens allow for range of benefits in regards to making your meals easier to cook.

Steam ovens allow for multiple types of food to share oven space without any transfer of flavour, this means that you can cook a whole meal in one go instead of having to organize several different items at several different times. A majority of foods are suitable for steam ovens, from meat to fish, vegetables to pasta, bread to desserts and thanks to the steaming process, any combinations of thee foods can be cooked together in the same oven space with little to no transfer of contamination of flavour.

Over recent years, combination steam oven and grill set ups have become incredibly popular, allowing for a combination of traditional and more modern, heathy meals throughout the year.

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