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Hobs Buying Guide

When buying a new hob for your kitchen, there are many factors to take into consideration in order to ensure that the needs of your household are met.


Domino Hobs
Dominos hobs feature two burners. They are the perfect space-saving solution for smaller kitchens, and they are also ideal if you want to install a burner in your kitchen island.

Four-Burner Hobs
Four-burner hobs generally fit into a standard 60cm gap. They feature four cooking zones of two different sizes. In some models, there is more variation in the size of the zones to provide you with more flexibility when cooking with different types of pots and pans.

Five Burner Hobs
Five-burner hobs are usually designed to fit into a larger space, such as 70cm or 80cm. They feature five cooking zones, and the centre zone is usually a wok burner. This type of hob provides you with more space when cooking and allows you to multitask much more easily.


Electric Hobs
While electric hobs heat up quickly and provide good heat distribution overall, they do not offer particularly accurate temperature control. However, they are very easy to clean and maintain. They are also available in many styles and colours, so you have a great deal of freedom when picking out an electric hob to match your kitchen décor.

Gas Hobs
Gas hobs are generally the most popular cooking appliance in UK homes. They provide instant heat and accurate temperature control, helping to ensure a great result when cooking any meal. These models are available in a wide range of finishes.

Induction Hobs
Induction hobs are a relatively new innovation in the world of kitchen décor and design. Beneath each cooking zone, there is a magnetic field. When you place a pan on the zone, the magnetic energy from the coil transfers directly to the pan. As such, the surface of the hob does not heat up. Since only the pan becomes hot, there is no risk of burning yourself on the hob; this also makes it easier to clean up spills. Induction hobs require a special set of pans in order to operate, so they can be more expensive than gas and electric options. However, they are considered safer and more energy efficient.

Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs are sleek and modern cooktops that add a stylish flair to your kitchen décor. They feature a flat surface which is very easy to clean and maintain – and, they provide accurate temperature control while cooking. Both gas and electric hobs are available as ceramic hobs, so you can choose a model that best suits your household’s cooking needs.


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