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When you purchase a new washing machine, you’ll want to invest in a reliable model. You’re going to use your washing machine on a regular basis, and they do undergo quite a bit of wear-and-tear. As such, you want to ensure that your washing machine caters to the needs of your household and will last for quite a while.

Drum Capacity
You want to be sure that your washing machine is suitable for the amount of laundry that you will be loading into it regularly. Large families will require high-capacity washers like the CDA CI371, to fit weekly washes for every member of the household. Student houses would also benefit from washing machines with capacities up to 9kg.

The CDA CI371 high capacity washing machine.

Couples, small families and individuals who live on their own could live comfortably with a 7kg washing machine. The CDA CI325 does washes that weigh up to 6kg, which is ideal for smaller households. You will use less water and energy, saving money in the long run.   

Spin Speed
The faster the spin speed, the more water is removed from your clothes. This allows for your clothes to dry much faster, so it is ideal for homes that do not have tumble dryers or washer-dryers. At Ship It Appliances, you’ll find washers with spin speeds as high as 1400 rpm, like the Bosch VarioPerfect washer. You will often find that 1200rpm is adequate, and many machines will allow you to adjust the spin speed for delicate items.

What About Spin Class?
You will often seen the term ‘spin class’ in product specifications for washing machines. This mysterious ranking refers to how efficient the spin is. If you will be loading heavy items into your washing machine, a higher spin class would be best, ensuring that your washing machine can handle the weight enough to spin the load.

Energy Rating and Water Consumption
The energy rating and water consumption for your washing machine are very important, as they will affect the cost of your household bills. Look for machines with lower water consumption and high energy ratings. They may be a bit more expensive than the competition but you will save money in the long run.

The Bosch Exxcel 8 is a great example, as it was designed for environmentally-responsible households. It comes with several options to reduce your water and electricity consumption by up to 50% and save you plenty of money on your bills.

The Bosch VarioPerfect washer.

Special Features?
Some washers are offered with a number of special features that offer added convenience. They will not particularly effect the quality of the washing but they will make your life a bit easier. For example, self-cleaning features, auto-stain removal and LCD displays are not entirely necessary, but they

Many special features are targeted at reducing noise and household disturbances. For example, some Bosch washers come equipped with AntiVibration capabilities so that your house doesn’t rumble when the laundry is being done. There are also some quiet washing machines with special features that cut back on the amount of whirring and whizzing sounds that are made during a wash.

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