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Reginox has recently introduced its new coloured stainless steel sink ranges. The Atlantis, Wave and Ohio are the first-ever coloured stainless steel sinks to ever be sold in the UK. As a new type of kitchen sink, it is important that homeowners are aware of how to take care of  these models, ensuring that they keep the appliance cleaning while prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its looks.


While regular stainless steel can withstand the use of quite abrasive cleaning products and materials, coloured stainless steel may not bode so well. In order to protect the coloured finish, be sure to use gentle cleaning solutions that will not damage the surface. A simple soap (usually dish washing liquid) and water solution should do the trick.

Steel wool and scouring pads may be used with most types of stainless steel sinks, but not those with a coloured finish. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust, dirt and residue. Steam cleaning is another effective method, if you have a particularly large kitchen sink.

Clean your stainless steel sink several times per week to reduce the build-up of residue. This means that you will have to do less scrubbing per cleaning, reducing the overall risk of potentially damaging the surface.

Be sure to clean in the direction of the grain. If not, you could risk damaging the material.  Also, avoid any sort of silver cleaning products or furniture polish. These types of cleaners are designed for very particular materials, and they can change the colour of the finish.


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