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The sink is an essential tool in any kitchen. Even if you use your dishwasher to do the majority of the washing up, it is still important to invest in a high-quality sink.

Format and Size
Kitchen sinks come in a wide array of formats, such as: 2.0 bowl sinks, 1.5 bowl sinks, single bowl sinks and even 0.5 bowl sinks. The option you choose depends on how much counter space you have and how much use you make of this space. Double bowl sinks are perfect for homeowners that do not have dishwashers, as one bowl can be used to soak and the other can be used for the actual washing up. They are also ideal if you tend to multitask while cooking and cleaning, as are 1.5 bowl kitchen sinks. Single bowl and half bowl sinks are great space-saving solutions if you have a small kitchen.


Kitchen sinks are made with a wide range of materials, each one offer up their own benefits.

Ceramic: Aside from stainless steel, ceramic sinks are the most affordable option. They are also a popular choice because they are very easy to clean due to their stain-resistance.

Composite: Composite sinks are manufactured from various materials, so they offer up a wide range of benefits. In addition to being resistant scratches, composite sinks are also resistant to damage from heat (in some cases, up to 250 degrees). They also come in a wider range of colours than ceramic sinks, as you can sink black, beige and white composite sinks.

Granite: Granite sinks are considered the most versatile and durable of the bunch. They are resistant to scratches, stains and heat damage; so, you can rely on a granite sink to maintain its appearance for years to come. They are also available in plenty of colours, as it is not uncommon to find granite sinks that are blue, pink and yellow to suit more adventurous kitchen décor schemes.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a more affordable option, while offering up durability and versatility. There is no kitchen in which a stainless steel sink will not fit right in. While this type of material can be scratched, it is still easy to clean and maintain over long periods of time.

Glass: Glass sinks are relatively new in kitchen décor, but they are becoming very popular very quickly. They are the most chic and modern-looking, and they are surprisingly durable. Despite seeming delicate, they hold up well to everyday usage.

Inset or Undermount

There are two ways to install a sink, and the type of installation you prefer will dictate the type of sink that you purchase. Inset sinks are those that simply drop into place while undermount sinks are installed from below the counter. Undermount sinks are quite popular among homeowners because they make it very easy to clean the kitchen counter and they create a chic and seamless look for the room. However, many households still prefer inset kitchen sinks because they are easy to install and get using right away.

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