As we mentioned in the last blog,
storage is something that continues to evolve and change over time.
Currently the main focus is on compact storage and maximizing space.
Today we’re going to look at several ideas to help maximize your
space and store things more efficiently.

Cutting Boards

As unusual as it sounds, a perfect
storage idea for cutting boards is to store them in a wicker basket,
in a similar manner to how you may store magazines. Having them
stored upright helps save a lot of space that would otherwise be
taken up if they were lying flat.

Slide Out Pantry

These nifty storage spaces are growing
in popularity, they allow you to store a lot of items but then have
them hidden away by sliding into the wall or surrounding fixtures.

Bring The Office To Your Kitchen

There are a variety of office tidy
items that can be utilised in a kitchen environment. Metal desk
tidies can be mounted on walls and used around the sink area to store
cleaning products. Being mounted on the wall also helps save space on
the kitchen counters.

Door Mounting

The back of the door is an ideal place
to install hooks and holders for various pans and kitchen utensils.
If you have multiple doors in your kitchen, you have even more
opportunity to experiment with this idea.


Many food products come in many
different packets, tins, jars and so on. A good way of having all of
your products stored neatly is to try putting them in square or
rectangular containers. This way your products can be stacked and
arranged much better allowing for much neater and efficient use of
your space.

Crockery Drawers

Many people have their crockery out on
shelves or on counters this may look nice but takes up a lot of
space. Combat this by dedicating one or two drawers to storing all of
your crockery, this way your crockery is safely stored and you free
up considerable space.

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