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Hotpoint has recently carried out a study revealing the Top 30 Items That Have Changed Our Lives. The study reveals insight into the importance of certainly products and services in our everyday lives, and many kitchen appliances made the list.

#3 Washing machine – This was the top ranking kitchen appliance on the list, ranking just below Broadband and The Internet. It would not have been the case 10 years ago; but, nowadays it is rare to enter a home that does not have a washing machine.

#5 and #6 Refrigeration  – Fridge and Freezer were numbers 5 and 6 on the list, so they certainly go hand-in-hand. There is no home in the UK that does not have a fridge or a freezer.

#7 Microwave –  This is another item that is becoming more of a non-essential, but there is no deny the unmatched convenience of a microwave oven. Defrost food or cook meals in minutes. There is a reason why it is a life-changing appliance.

#8 Dishwasher – While a fridge and freezer are essentials for a kitchen, a dishwasher is an appliance that you will only find in 50% of British homes. However, it is still a life-changing item because it saves valuable time when cleaning up after dinner.

#19 Tumble dryer – Especially in rainy England, a tumble dryer is crucial. It is not often that you’ll have the opportunity to hang your laundry out to dry.

# 27 Coffee machine – Coffee in itself is essential. So, it is no wonder that having a coffee machine in your home is life-changing – and money-saving as it cuts back on expensive hot drinks from Costa and Starbucks.

It is interesting to note that a third of respondents were found to have had a washing machine, fridge or toaster that outlasted many of their relationships. The study found that most consumers will only replace their appliances if they are broken and irreparable, so it speaks volumes about the durability of some kitchen appliances.

Overall, the study shows that the impact that home and kitchen appliances have on everyday life in modern England. Kitchen appliances help to change lives for the better by offering up additional convenient when storing and preparing food as well as keeping your home clean.

“If we embraced innovation in our appliances as we do our smartphones and televisions, we would not only expand what we can do within the home but save precious time and money in the process,” says Suzi Perry of The Gadget Show.

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