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What type of microwave is best suited for your kitchen? Let Ship It Appliances help you pick out the ideal model for your household with our helpful microwave buying guide.

Integrated or Freestanding?
Freestanding microwaves are perfect for people who are renting their home. If you move, then you can simply unplug the microwave and take it with you. The only downside is that microwaves can be quite large, and they may take up a lot of space on your counter if your kitchen is not particularly spacious.


Integrated microwaves help to create a sleek and clean look in your kitchen. They can be built right into the walls and they don’t take up any room on your kitchen counters. However, when you move, it can be difficult to take it with you – a bit more effort than most homeowners would be willing to spend on a smaller appliance.

What Type of Microwave Should I Buy?
There are several different types of microwaves available, each offering different benefits for your household. Which microwave you choose depends entirely on how often you cook and the type of meals you prepare.

Conventional microwaves:
These microwaves are the most affordable option because they are the most basic. If you only plan on using your microwave to defrost and reheat food, then this is the best option for you. If you would actually like to use your microwave to cook full dishes, then you will have to seek out a microwave grill or a combination microwave.

Combination microwaves:
These models offer up a wide range of cooking options, including baking roasting and grilling. They help you to cook the same types of meals that you would prepare in an oven – only a little bit faster. If you have a busy lifestyle and tend not to have time to spend cooking with your oven, a combination microwave is the way to go.

Microwave grills:
This type of microwave heats food like a conventional microwave while featuring a heating element. This will ensure that your food comes out browned, giving it a much more attractive, ‘homemade’ look. They are great for cooking pizzas and other dishes that taste better with a little bit of crispness.

Steam Microwaves
Steam microwaves are a relatively new innovation, which use steam to cook food. It is considered a much healthier option, as your food will retain more nutrients. However, these models tend to be quite expensive at the moment – and, it may be worth waiting a few months before you invest in this technology.

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