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Cooker hoods are essential tools for any kitchen. They help to keep the air in your kitchen and your entire household feeling fresh by extracting any odours, grease or smoke produced while cooking. While they are very beneficial, many homeowners choose to go without because they feel that cooker hoods are simply too noisy – but, there is a solution.

There are plenty of quiet cooker hood models available today. While this type of product would have been scare ten years ago, it is actually quite common – you just have to know what to look for.

The truth is that most quiet cooker hoods are not actually publicised as such. You will have to read the product specifications very closely to know if the kitchen extractor that you’re looking for will keep noise to a minimum when it is switched on.

It is important to look for cooker hoods with a noise level of 55 decibels or less. The majority of cooker hoods have noise levels higher than 65dB, so you will have to do a bit of digging to ensure that your new extractor is quiet.

The Baumatic BTC975 is a great example of a quiet cooker hood. Its noise level is just 47dB and it has a powerful extraction rate of 475 m3/hr. As such, you don’t have to sacrifice the performance of your kitchen fan for a little peace and quiet.


The CDA 3L9 Designer Lantern Style cooker hood is another great option for a quite cooker hood. Its noise level is just 53dB and it extracts at a rate of 462m3/hr. The lantern style is very eye-catching, and it makes a great statement piece of modern kitchens.

Whether you want to be able to hold a conversation while you’re cooking or you just want to be conscious of the people in the next room, you will certainly want to consider getting a quiet cooker hood. Finding one is easier than you think, so just remember to browse the specs carefully before buying.


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