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  • Large range cookers have four compartments with two ovens, a warming drawer and a grill. On the hob, they have anywhere from six to eight burners.
  • Small range cookers have two ovens and a grill. Their hobs usually consist of five or six burners.
  • Mini range cookers are the size of your average cooker measuring 60cm to 70cm and featuring 4 burners. However, they look more like a classic range cooker and usually have two ovens          

There are several ways to fuel your cooker hood, each offering up different benefits.

  • Gas range cookers offer up a quick cooking method, heating up the hob and oven quickly. They provide precise temperature control, and are generally cheaper to operate than electricity fuelled cookers.
  • Electric range cookers provide even heating, and they are great for homeowners that enjoy baking. While an electric hob will take longer to heat up than a gas hob, they are the perfect cooking appliance for meals that are prepared in the oven.
  • Duel Fuel range cookers ensure the best of both worlds. You will have a gas-powered hob that provides accurate temperature control and an oven that ensures even cooking and great baking results.  

Range cookers are quite large appliances, so cleaning them is a big job. That’s why it is important to consider the various cleaning capabilities of different range cooker models.

  • Pyrolytic range cookers comes with an automatic self-cleaning program. At about 400°C, the oven will incinerate any waste – and, the only thing you have to do is sweep away the ashes.
  • Catalytic range cookers feature liners that absorb grease and other residue. When the oven hits 200°C, the waste is oxidised. As is the case with pyrolytic range cookers, all you need to do is sweep up the resultant ash.
  • Range cookers with enamel liners are easy to clean – but there is no automatic cleaning function. You must still do this on your own, scrubbing away at the oven’s interior to keep the appliance clean.


While Rangemaster is the best-known manufacturer of range cookers, there are actually plenty of brands that offer up quality products.

  • CDA – CDA range cookers are expertly crafted, and they are available in many sizes. The company provides A-rated models to help you save on your energy costs.
  • Hotpoint – Hotpoint range cookers are available in many sizes and colours. Duel fuel options are also available.
  • Matrix – Matrix range cookers feature one oven and six burners. They are on the more affordable side, costing less than £600.

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