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Ship It Appliances offers up a helpful guide to help you choose the best washing machine to suit the needs of your household. Read on to find out which capacities, spin speeds and noise levels you should look for when shopping for a new washing.


Capacity: What Size Washing Machine Should You Buy
The capacity of your washing machine is one of the most important factors that goes in to helping you choose a model. If you only ever wash small loads but have a large-capacity washing machine, you will use much more water and energy than required. If you purchase a machine with a smaller capacity but have plenty of washing to do, you will find that you need to do many more loads. As such, ensure that the capacity of your washing machine suits the size of your household.

  • 6kg to 7kg: 2 – 3 people
  • 8kg: 3 – 4 people
  •  9kg: 4 – 5 people
  •  10kg: 5 people
  • 11kg: More than 5 people

Noise Level
If you want a quiet washing machine, be sure to look out for products that have a noise level of 50 decibels or less. This will ensure a quiet performance that will not be too distract while a wash is on.

Spin Speed
Spin speeds range anywhere from 1000rpm to 1600rpm. The faster spin speeds ensure that your clothes will be dryer after the wash; as such, they are ideal for homeowners that hang their clothes out to dryer. Slower spin speeds tend to use less energy, but they also mean that your clothes will take long to air dry. So, they are best for homeowners who also own tumble dryers.

Energy Rating and Water Usage
In addition to looking at the energy rating, also check out the ‘annual consumption’ statistic in the product description. This lets you know exactly how much water and energy it will use, so you can accurately compare one model to another. For annual energy usage, around 150 kWh offers up an energy-saving performance while effectively cleaning your laundry.

For annual water usage, models that feature a consumption of 9000 litres to 11 500 litres are the most efficient. You can also save water by taking the following steps:

  • wash only full loads
  • use the cotton wash, as the synthetic uses much more water
  • avoid using the extra rinse programme

Do You Need A Tumble Dryer?
Many UK homeowners view tumble dryers as an optional accessory in their home – but, they do offer a great deal of convenience. They are perfect for the rainy weather in England, as you don’t have to wait for a sunny day to dry you clothes outside. They also help to save time, which is perfect for buying homeowners. For more information on tumble dryers, view our Tumble Dryer Buying Guide.


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