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Spare Parts

For a cooker hood to work efficiently, it needs to have grease filter(s) that will trap grease and dirt particles that would otherwise build up and impair the functioning of the appliance.  At Ship it Appliances, we sell a range of spare cooker hoods parts, including grease filters, ducting kits and replacement recirculation filters. These parts will help you keep your extractor fan in optimum condition for many years to come.

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SIA/Universal GF3 Cooker Hood Grease Filter For CH/CHL71 | 320mm x 310mm

£10.99 Incl VAT
  • For models CH71/CHL71

SIA/Universal GF4 Cooker Hood Grease Filter For CH101 Models | 310mm x 306mm

£12.99 Incl VAT
  • For models CH101

SIA/Universal Cooker Hood Grease Filter CH/CHL/CP/CPL/CPE/ISE/FG |320mm x 260mm

£10.99 Incl VAT
  • For models CH61/CHL61
  • For models CP61/71/81/91/101/111
  • For models CPL61/71/81/91 – CPE61/71/91
  • For models LIN61
  • For models FG61/71/91

SIA/Universal GF5 Cooker Hood Grease Filter For AG/AGL/AGE/AGTE/AT|288mm x 228mm

£9.99 Incl VAT
  • For models AG61/71/91
  • For models AGL61/71/91
  • For models AGE61/71/91
  • For models AGTE61/91
  • For models AT61/91

SIA/Universal GF2 Cooker Hood Grease Filter For CH/CHL91 – LIN91 | 310mm x 270mm

£10.99 Incl VAT
  • For models CH91/CHL91
  • For models LIN91

SIA/Universal GF6 Cooker Hood Acrylic Grease Filter VI/ST | 450mm x 310mm

£9.99 Incl VAT
  • For models VI61SS / WH / BL
  • For models ST60SS / WH / BL

Our SIA branded cooker hood spares come in a range of sizes to suit most models. If you aren’t sure what size you need, refer to the owner’s manual for your specific appliance and check the model number.  Our replacement grease filters are designed for SIA appliances, however they may fit other brands as well. The sizes are clearly displayed on individual product pages for your convenience.

If you need some advice before you buy filters, ducting kits or any other cooker hood parts, email our sales team at sales@shipitbathrooms.co.uk or call us on 01623 625 658. We would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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