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Choosing your new taps from the range on offer at Ship It Appliances is made easy for you. People are often surprised at the difference new taps make to their kitchen. They are often taken for granted.

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Our need for them is simple – fresh, running water at the right pressure. Yet when we stop to think about the design to match our own kitchen, we realise looks are important too.

Should our decision be purely practical? Or should we consider style? And if so, do we prefer traditional, contemporary or Designer?

Here’s the good news. We offer a selection of each. Your standard kitchen necessity becomes a stylish accessory to match your kitchen – thanks to our expansive range.

All our taps are high quality, low maintenance and come from recognised brands like CDA, Reginox, Clearwater, Astracast and Franke.

The Astracast range will suit your taste if you are upscaling to classic vintage or designer contemporary.

From CDA we bring the popular pull-out, spray tap. It’s like rinsing your dishes through their very own shower.

Buy your new taps to match your new sink and see our co-ordinating bundles to take the strain out of selecting the right taps with your sink.